Home Alone

So, is currently away at a workshop in Manchester, which means that the and I have been having some quality daddy-son time. This is also the first time that she’s been away from him overnight since he was born (see her post here). I was a little worried about how he’d take this, but it’s been generally better than I’d thought. He’s been a bit at sorts over the last week, having just moved up to the next group at nursery, and he’s only just started going into nursery again without wailing and hanging onto our knees. He asked after… Read More »Home Alone

The Garklet Lexicon

The words have been coming thick and fast, and it’s been quite a while since I last tried to list his vocabulary, so this is not going to be an exhaustive effort. In general, his spoken vocabulary is less than half the size of his understood vocabulary, and he’s adding 5-10 new spoken words a week at the moment. Words he knows: Most of his body parts, although he has a tendency to get ‘cheeks’ mixed up with ‘chicks’. He also has the alarming habit of poking himself in the eye whenever he says ‘eye. Clothes. He says ‘shoes’, ‘socks’… Read More »The Garklet Lexicon

A lad of expensive tastes

The has managed to outdo himself this morning by taking a small swig from ‘s bottle of Chanel No.19. Not the eau de toilette (which is relatively cheap at ~£60/100ml) nor the eau de parfum (which is slightly more expensive at about ~£80/100ml), but the little 7.5ml bottle of the parfum, which works out at a staggering £850/100ml. We don’t think that he managed to drink much, since it’s quite bitter – maybe 0.1ml, which is still enough to make his breath reek of No.19 – but he then managed to tip half the bottle over the dressing table. My… Read More »A lad of expensive tastes

The Garklet Lexicon #2

A few updates since last time: dog A dog. After an enjoyable cream tea at the Station House in Burley last weekend, he’s finally worked out that not all furry quadrupeds are cats. This was helped by the three dogs that were sitting near us – after about an hour of ‘no, that’s a dog’, he seemed to get the difference. This is of course a phenomenally interesting thing to have happened; I teach my students about various concept learning algorithms, and it’s great to see the young lad starting to compete with the cutting edge of 1980s AI. sboo… Read More »The Garklet Lexicon #2

The Garklet Lexicon

Up rather early this morning with the sound of a vomiting . Cot disinfected, bathed, and laundry on, and it’s still not yet 7am. Still, at least he’s still cheery. Anyway, as much for our benefit as for yours, here’s the young lad’s current (consistent) vocabulary, as well as we can make it out. gat Any furry, four-legged mammal, most commonly a cat. dak, duk A bird, most commonly a duck. dada Daddy. Or Mummy. Or Alex. Or, in fact, any person. bana Banana. baya A vehicle (including aeroplanes) bala Aeroplane bu-bow Bubble. Or any round, see-through and pretty thing… Read More »The Garklet Lexicon

Dressing the tree

Now that the ‘s first birthday is out of the way (see ‘s journal for an account), we’ve started putting up the decorations. Himself seems to be rather taken by the tree and its adornments (in his words: dah!), and I’ve managed to stop himself from electrocuting himself by sucking the fairy lights. We’ve decided that our living tree of the past two years is really looking too sorry; it was charmingly crooked when we bought it, now it’s charmingly crooked, marginally taller, and rather the worst for wear. Think of it as the Steve Buscemi of the tree world.… Read More »Dressing the tree

Alex’s Naming Day

Thanks to everyone that came to Alex’s naming ceremony yesterday – we had an enjoyable, if hectic, time, and we hope that you did likewise.