A close shave

As mentioned in previous posts, we’re putting up a shed this weekend. Believe it or not, this is actually on the critical path to getting the nursery sorted out before the garklet arrives (erect shed, move paint tins from library cupboard to shed, move computer into library cupboard, turn former computer room into nursery). The shed got delivered this afternoon, slightly later than I’d hoped, and I can now breath a huge sigh of relief. You see, when we took down the previous shed, and I measured the plot and realised that we had enough space to fit a 7’x7′… Read More »A close shave

Stuck like a Guinea Pig

As has posted elsewhere, the three of us (including the garklet) are taking part in a clinical study of the effects of maternal diet on allergies in infants. We had our first appointment today, which included allergy scratch tests for both of us. This is one of the main reasons (apart from the furtherance of Science) that I’m happy to take part in this study; I suffer from hayfever for about four months every year, and I was curious about which allergens I was sensitive to. Grass pollen showed up as I expected, leaving me with a larger welt than… Read More »Stuck like a Guinea Pig

The Garklet’s Progress

Another scan this morning at the Princess Anne with , and all’s well. Also, haven’t we grown? Vertebrae! A beautifully visible heart! Eyes! Cerebral hemispheres! A stomach and a bladder! For those that also want to go gaga over the scans, they’re on

An introduction

Those of you who read ‘s journal will have probably already read our announcement. For those of you who don’t, I’ll repeat it here: Ladies & gentlemen, May I introduce to you, on the third attempt: Garklet no.1 Garklet no.1 is currently 12w3d. Arrival is expected on 21 November 2006 but given the timekeeping of its parents, I wouldn’t hold your breath. The web page is rather bald at the moment (Nick did it!) and unfortunately the picture we got this scan was not the greatest but it is the only picture we have. The previous scan at 10w3d was… Read More »An introduction