Stuck like a Guinea Pig

As has posted elsewhere, the three of us (including the garklet) are taking part in a clinical study of the effects of maternal diet on allergies in infants. We had our first appointment today, which included allergy scratch tests for both of us.

This is one of the main reasons (apart from the furtherance of Science) that I’m happy to take part in this study; I suffer from hayfever for about four months every year, and I was curious about which allergens I was sensitive to. Grass pollen showed up as I expected, leaving me with a larger welt than the positive control of histamine. Tree pollen also showed up, which would explain why my hayfever has been getting earlier in recent years. Less expected were the slight responses to dogs (just as well I prefer cats) and to peanuts (ironic, given how much I eat them). I’m wishing that I’d taken a photo of the marks.

had no marks bar that for the histamine, and that faded away pretty quickly. Nice to know that one of us is healthy…


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