A lad of expensive tastes

The has managed to outdo himself this morning by taking a small swig from ‘s bottle of Chanel No.19. Not the eau de toilette (which is relatively cheap at ~£60/100ml) nor the eau de parfum (which is slightly more expensive at about ~£80/100ml), but the little 7.5ml bottle of the parfum, which works out at a staggering £850/100ml. We don’t think that he managed to drink much, since it’s quite bitter – maybe 0.1ml, which is still enough to make his breath reek of No.19 – but he then managed to tip half the bottle over the dressing table.

My hands now smell of nothing but No.19 (which is pleasant, but I’d rather smell it on ), and the bedroom is rather over fragranced.

On the plus side, I now know what to get for Christmas…

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