Liveblogging Eurovision 2012

So, here we are again! We’ve got the folk dancing and traditional music out of the way, and we’re now getting a recap of last year’s winning song. And here we go… UK: The #hump has already wound me with his pronunciation of ‘love’ as ‘lurve’. Also, dull song. That’s the anticipation of disappointment over and done with. Hungary: I can find very little to say about this song, positive or negative. Complete non-entity of a song (albeit less so than the Hump). Albania: And the first non-English language song (hurrah!) “I land my airplane of the lightless runway of… Read More »Liveblogging Eurovision 2012

Liveblogging Eurovision 2011

1. Finland. Ah, Finland, Finland, Finland. No pony trekking or camping, alas. Dull. 2. Bosnia and Herzegovina. First mandolin spotted. Also dull. Nowhere near as good as their 2008 entry. 3. Denmark. Boys does not rhyme with choice. 4. Lithuania. Having murdered an English lyric, she’s now working on the French. I cannot read her signing, but can only assume that it’s similarly challenged. 5. Hungary. Norton tells us that it’s described as retro-pop. Sounds ominous. reckons that she’s channeling Jennifer Rush. Still, all credit to her for a verse in Hungarian. 6. Ireland. I’ve never heard Jedward sing before.… Read More »Liveblogging Eurovision 2011

Liveblogging Eurovision

I did it once, I’ll do it again (but this time as a single re-edited post). I get the feeling I’m going to miss Wogan. In an ideal world, he’d be Twittering his commentary. Lithuania: Quiet start – competent but rather bland ballad Israel: Verse lyrics in Hebrew. Singing flat, alas. Bit too heartfelt – there must be another way. Where’s the cheesy pop? Also, those look like olive oil tins rather than biscuit tins being used for percussion. France: “paint-by-numbers chanson”, says young Master Norton, and he’s not wrong. If I had to, I’d choose something else. says she… Read More »Liveblogging Eurovision

Liveblogging Eurovision: A sudden realisation

There’s no Malta in the final! Or Ireland! We’re doomed… Edited to add: no, there are 43 countries voting – we might yet avoid nul points. In fact, San Marino (population 30,000) have just given us six points. *Why* are San Marino voting – they’ve got the population of two Aberystwyths!

Liveblogging Eurovision #16 (Russia)

Another good start. I think that the Euro-power ballads are starting to blur into one strangely-accented song about how love is all we need, and we can all do better if we give peace a chance (etc). I wouldn’t vote for it.

Liveblogging Eurovision #14 (Spain)

Any song with “chicki chiki” in the title has to be a winner. Or dire. Intro on a cheap children’s toy guitar – sounds a bit 24.99 from Argos. I think that they’re trying to recreate the Macarena. Give it up, guys. And lose the wigs. srsly. And they’ve name-checked Robocop. Words are insufficient to express just how awful this is.