Liveblogging Eurovision #2 (Croatia)

A bit reminiscent of the French entry that got nul points about a decade ago. Must be the accordion. “I was the first Internet ever / Sailing on ships with my music”. Special.

Liveblogging Eurovision #1

Bosnia and Herzegovina have my vote so far. Proof that there’s a twenty-year delay in popular music between the UK and the Balkans (no bad thing). Israel – boring, fast forwarded over it (having rewound to show B+H’s entry) Finland – METAL!!! “Where all the men ride forth / there the sheep cannot graze”. Timeless.

Today we are mostly being very, very tired.

Generally busy weekend – Eurovision party on Saturday night, which involved a great deal of tidying. Gark Villa survived the attack of experimental subjects L and T rather better than last time, mostly thanks to the oilcloth on the table. The seemed to enjoy the attention from them, even when he was being flattened by their boundless enthusiasm.

On the topic of the , two important milestones were passed this weekend. Firstly, he cut his first tooth. Secondly, he ate (or at least gummed) his first solid food, being a carrot grabbed from ‘s plate. I present the following two images as proof:

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