Farewell to all of that

Well, that’s it. Gark Towers (or as the University of Bath insists on calling it, Cotswold House) is no more. We’ve spent our last night under its flat roof, and the vast majority of our belongings are now gone. I say vast, because the amount of stuff that we’ll need to move out over the next week is still quite substantial. We need to get better at this hoarding malarkey. I’ll probably write something longer on Monday, but for now suffice it to say that I’ll miss this place. It’s a great house, even if it does have its pecularities,… Read More »Farewell to all of that

Waiting for the stain that never comes

and I are hoping that carpet stains, unlike bad luck, do not come in threes. I got back from a gaming weekend in Derbyshire with , and others at lunchtime (sorry – I was one of the people trying to persuade to stay another day). , on the other hand, had spent all morning manning the picket lines as part of the industrial dispute between the universities and the AUT. Either last night or this morning, some darling little shit of a student had lobbed a pair of eggs into the kitchen, possibly through the catflap, possibly through a small… Read More »Waiting for the stain that never comes

Stupid, stupid cat creature

We have a cat. She is not the brightest of creatures, but we love her anyway. Even though she has urinated on our bed twice, even though she runs from the very sight of me. However, she cannot handle the catflap. Not the hole that the flap fits into, but the flap itself. So far, this has been rectified by the use of a pair of clothespegs to prop open the catflap so the poor widdleums creature won’t have to use her delicate wittle head to lift the flap (this from the creature that used regularly to fling herself at… Read More »Stupid, stupid cat creature

The cat came back, the very next day

Just got back to the house from honeymoon (watch out for a mega post on that topic in the next week) to find that the cat a) had remembered that she gets fed in this house b) had worked out that it was possible to use the catflap when there are no people in the house and c) had the common sense to come in out of the cold when it was below freezing outside. Yet to find any stained furnishings, but given that she was locked out of all rooms bar the kitchen/dining room, I very much doubt that… Read More »The cat came back, the very next day

Three times bitten, four times shy?

As the fabulous has also noted, the damned cat has pissed on the bed again (making this the second time for our own bed and the third time for beds in the house in general), which is of course exactly the sort of relaxing event that we need in the run-up to the wedding (three weeks today). I’ve been mentally composing notices to put in newsagents’ windows, but they all come out something like “Affectionate yet neurotic, plaintive and incontinent adult cat to go to good home with ample opportunities for defecating and urinating on soft furnishings, beds and other… Read More »Three times bitten, four times shy?