Farewell to all of that

Well, that’s it. Gark Towers (or as the University of Bath insists on calling it, Cotswold House) is no more. We’ve spent our last night under its flat roof, and the vast majority of our belongings are now gone. I say vast, because the amount of stuff that we’ll need to move out over the next week is still quite substantial. We need to get better at this hoarding malarkey.

I’ll probably write something longer on Monday, but for now suffice it to say that I’ll miss this place. It’s a great house, even if it does have its pecularities, and being on the edge of a university campus means that our summers have always been blissfully peaceful (even if the rest of the year hasn’t). We’re now off to the new place in Southampton (which we bought in January), and which is tentatively named Gark Villa.

Of course, I’ve not been able to say goodbye to the cat, since she still runs from the sight (and sound) of me. Plus ca change.

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