The final poll: Nick and Issy’s Summer BBQ and Cocktail Party

Thanks to all those who filled out the previous poll to say whether or not they’d be coming to our party this weekend (details are in the same place as before). I’ve put up a final poll without the pesky “Not sure” answers so that we’ll have a better idea of who we can expect:

Nick and Issy’s Summer BBQ

It’s the summer again, so we’re making the best use of our garden (which is responding well to ‘s tender ministrations) by holding a barbeque during the afternoon of 31st July, followed by cocktails in the evening. When From noon onwards on Saturday 31st July 2004 for the bbq, cocktails from whenever we feel up to it (probably 7pm-ish). People turning up early will be assigned menial tasks, since we’ll no doubt be running late and frantically trying to get everything ready in time. Where Cotswold House, University of Bath campus. Plentiful car parking, regular buses to and from the… Read More »Nick and Issy’s Summer BBQ