Nick and Issy’s Summer BBQ

It’s the summer again, so we’re making the best use of our
garden (which is responding well to ‘s tender ministrations)
by holding a barbeque during the afternoon of 31st July, followed
by cocktails in the evening.


From noon onwards on Saturday 31st July 2004 for the bbq,
cocktails from whenever we feel up to it (probably
7pm-ish). People turning up early will be assigned menial
tasks, since we’ll no doubt be running late and frantically trying
to get everything ready in time.


Cotswold House, University of Bath campus.
Plentiful car parking, regular buses to and from the train
station. There are directions to the house on our website.

What to bring

Meat animal or vegetable for the bbq plus enough bread for you
(but not to feed an army!). We will be doing salads etc but if you
feel inspired to make salads, cocktail nibbles, cakes etc, please
consult with our head chef (a.k.a. )
so we don’t end up with 25 tomato salads and no lettuce.

We are planning to get beer from one of the local breweries
(most likely Bath Ales), so if you’d like in on this for a small
contribution towards the cost, let us know.

We still have a surfeit of gin, so the standing rules remain:
if anyone dares to bring a bottle of gin, they will be forced to
do all the washing up while hanging upside down!


We have crash space for at least a dozen in the house (probably
more) and if you have a tent and don’t mind camping out,
we have plenty of space for that as well. Again, there is further information about other accommodation options on our website.


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