Sic transit gloria LMU

Following some irregularities, the UK Border Agency has revoked London Metropolitan University‘s visa license. Not only can the university no longer recruit overseas (non-EU) students (a major source of income for all UK universities, and one of the few things that stops them from going bankrupt), but their existing overseas students have been told that they have sixty days to find alternative visa sponsors or they will be deported. LMU have estimated their annual income from overseas students at around £30M, about 20% of their total income. They currently have over 2000 overseas students.

Poll: Listmania

Bonus marks if you can name the source of the list in a comment (can’t be bothered to screen, so I’ll rely on you all not cheating by sneaking a peek)

An eggstraordinary poll

Inspired by ‘s potato poll. For the purposes of question two, ‘top’ refers to whichever end (or side) of the egg you customarily open.

The ethics of spoilers

While we were putting up the new shed a couple of weeks ago, and I had a debate about the ethics of film/play/book spoilers, and what one should take to be common cultural knowledge. We didn’t come to any sort of agreement, so I’ve decided that the best option is to Ask LJ with a poll. The poll below is under a cut because it contains spoilers for the following films, plays and books: Hamlet Citizen Kane Casablanca The Third Man Psycho Waiting for Godot The Empire Strikes Back The Wasp Factory The Crying Game The Usual Suspects The Sixth… Read More »The ethics of spoilers

We have shelves!

64.25 metres of shelving to be precise. Now all we need to do is move around some of the existing shelves to fit all of our oversized books (mainly ‘s photography books and my gaming stuff) and unpack the remaining boxes. But before that, a poll!