How not to pass exams, part 2

Following this email, I’ve now had confirmation from both of the course leaders at Oxford that the scanned documents that the student had sent me were in fact the take-home exams for their courses. The student had merely said that “to give you an idea of the content and difficulty level of the material, please find attached a few questions”, and conveniently left out that they’d sent me the instructions for two assessed pieces of work.

I mentioned this to L (one of the professors in my research group) while we were waiting for a research seminar to start this afternoon, and he said “oh, that must have been the same student that phoned me on Friday”. Yes, the student had also mailed my head of group (N) with the same request, and had then followed the mail up with a phone call; N was predictably out, so the call had been forwarded to L.

Add in that the student had deliberately misrepresented himself as a Southampton student, and this looks like a pretty clear (attempted) breach of academic integrity.

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