That trip to the Chocolate Factory in full

Not in any way useful. It didn’t help that Glorious Leader (now reinstated) got confused between Brad Fitzpatrick and Brian Fitzpatrick. Both Googlers, very different lines of work. It also doesn’t help that he declared that our destination was only a short walk from Westminster tube, despite all evidence to the contrary (the Google office is by Victoria), so we both arrived in a lather. The meeting was not especially productive and of only fringe relevance to me; I was effectively meat in the room. I’d also failed to notice, when I bought my train ticket, that I’d been sold an adult and a child ticket on a family railcard when I’d asked for a travelcard. No idea how that happened, but it meant that I got to meet an exceptionally unhelpful and aggressive[*] train manager on the way home, and had to supplement the adult ticket. Not a problem, but it leaves me out of pocket on the child ticket (claimed for a refund this morning), and I’ve no idea if finance will let me claim back the adult ticket plus supplement without any ticket stubs (submitted as part of the refund claim for the child ticket).

On the plus side, post-meeting beer with , and was all good.

[*] He threatened to eject a fellow passenger who had spoken in my support

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