At home with the Garks: 29th December

has already posted about this, but I’ve been too disorganised to do likewise until now. Those who have already seen her post (and haven’t replied), consider this a reminder. Those who didn’t see her post, consider yourself invited!

To cut to the chase, we’ll be having an ‘at home’ on 29th December in lieu of doing anything for our wedding anniversary! Please pop in for as little or as long as you can.

When: Wednesday 29th December
When: from noon until late

Daytime will be more family-focused, as you’d expect. Throughout the day there’ll be piles of mince pies, nibbles, cheeseboard, a baked ham and chutneys (oh yes, much chutney) lest you be fading away from Christmas under-nourishment, and of course mulled wine (and mulled grape juice for the drivers and/or delicate).

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