Toddler Linguistics, part the nth

An account of a conversation while waiting at bus stop with and the :

My1 like coiley-wotey.
What’s coiley-wotey?
Colley Wotty?
What sort of a thing is coiley-wotey!
*pause* Coiley-wotey!
He’s making this word up.
Are you making this word up? Is this another silly word?
No, coiley-wotey!
How big is coiley-wotey?
*looks confused*
Is coiley-wotey big or small?
He’s just saying that! Stop saying that!
*has flash of inspiration* What colour is coiley-wotey?
*thinks* What sort of animal is coiley-wotey?
He a woof, chase roadroader. Roadroader goes beep-beep!
Aha! He’s a wolf! You’re talking about Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, aren’t you?
Yes, my like coiley-wotey.
That’s Wile. E. Coyote. Can you say it after me? Wile E.

1. This is a persistent verbal tic that he’s had for the last six months. My, how we’ve tried to cure him of it.

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