Temps Perdu

Had a sudden realisation in the car on the way to pick the this evening, as the warm spring sun streamed through the windscreen.

At that moment what I really wanted, more than anything else, was to be five years old again, and to be taken out to a pub by my parents on a warm spring weekday evening. I wanted to have a Pepsi (in a small bottle, scratched with reuse, with two narrow non-bendy straws, one red-and-white, and one blue-and-white) and a bag of KP nuts (not Planters) or possibly a bag of KP crisps (with the frying friars on the bag). I wanted the smell of warm stale beer on a rusty tin bar tray, and to be able to run around the box hedges in the beer garden at the back of the Tower Arms (now sadly lost to a ghastly conservatory).

Sigh. I think that we need to take the out to the White Swan at the weekend, if the weather is still good.

In other news, back from hols in Malta – more in another post.


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