Dispatches from the War on Clutter

Since we had our loft boarded and smartened up a few years back, we’ve been merrily using it to store away the things that we don’t need from day to day, or which don’t belong in the library. Unfortunately, it’s starting to get a bit full in there (what with ‘s sewing stuff, my tools, Xmas decorations, the ‘s baby clothes, our suitcases, and so on), so we’ve been planning on putting some of Mr Kamprad’s fine modular shelving solutions up there (specifically the GORM range).

Now, I could just have gone up there with a tape measure and an old envelope to note down how many of each item we needed, but the space is confined enough (and our need for storage great enough) that I am going to have to cut shelves down to fit. Version 1 of the plan was on the back of an envelope, but didn’t have accurate measurements. Version 2 was in Illustrator – great for the plan view, not so good for working out whether it will all fit under the roof.

Version 3 is in Google SketchUp, complete with models of the shelves (rather than just bounding boxes). Fortunately, I stopped short of modelling everything in the loft so that I could plan how to fit things on the shelves.

In other news, we took the to the cinema this morning – Harbour Lights (and some other cinemas in the Picture House chain) are screening episodes of In the Night Garden to get the little ones used to sitting quietly in a darkened room. He liked it greatly, and was so well-behaved that I’m toying with the idea of taking him to see Up.

Finally, I’ve also managed to get around to reading Brundibar to the lad – a Sendak-illustrated version of the Czech children’s opera that was first performed in Theresienstadt in 1943. The story itself is charming, but Sendak’s illustrations add another layer on top of this (Brundibar is pictured with a toothbrush moustache and side parting, for example) which make this more than just a children’s book. I’m still quite surprised that Portswood library had a copy. Highly recommended.

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