Three Law Compliance

The is generally a good lad, but he often gets a little excited or frustrated, and when he does he has a regrettable tendency to hit people. We’ve just been moving some of his toys back into the living room, into the wheeled boxes that I’d built with a little bit of IKEA bricolage, and he ended up running around with one of his old toy boxes on his head while shouting “robot!”

And then he hit me. Not a hard blow, and not one borne of malice, but the sort of roughhousing that we’re trying to get him to tone down a bit.

And that at moment, inspiration hit.

, are you being a robot?”

“Yes, my am robot. Urrrr!”

“Well, there are some important rules that good little robots have to follow.
The first rule is ‘don’t hit anyone’, the second rule is ‘always do what grown-ups tell you to do’, and the third rule is ‘be careful’. Okay?”

“Okay daddy.”


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