At home with the Garks: 29th December 2008

Do it once, and it’s a careless slip.

Do it twice, and it’s a bad habit.

Do it three times, and it’s a tradition.

and I are therefore proud to announce our fourth mid-winter open house on the 29th December 2008, from noon until late. Our address is in this friends-locked post. We’ll have very limited crash space, so if you want to stay over, let us know ASAP (we also have a toddler, but we’ll try and keep him away from sleeping people until at least 7am).

Any or all of the following may be involved:

  • Eating (including a variety of nibbles, mince pies, and egg-free, -friendly cakes)
  • Drinking (including mulled wine, non-alcoholic punch)
  • Making merry (obligatory)
  • Playing silly games
  • Talking nonsense
  • -wrangling (optional)

The afternoon is likely to be biased towards our brethren of smaller stature (children, goblins, bonobos, etc), with the evening being less so (adults, trolls, the larger primates).

RSVPing, while not strictly necessary, would help us to order the correct order of magnitude of food.

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