An unexpected turn of events

We appear to have acquired a cat:

We passed her on Brookside Way, and she followed us home. She then hung around outside for another half hour, and was looking quite lost ( found her when she went outside to get some thyme).

The seems a little unsure as to what to make of her; he’s currently stroking her gently, but he was telling the cat to ‘go’ earlier. He at least now seems confident that she won’t play with his train (although he’s quite keen to demonstrate it to her).

I’ve been on a quick trip to the shops to get some catfood. We’ll keep her in the kitchen overnight (with the window open), and put up ‘found’ posters tomorrow if she hasn’t left. She seems in good shape; her coat is in good condition, she has no injuries, she seems free of fleas, and she seems a reasonable weight, but she’s doesn’t have a collar. She also smells faintly of cigarette smoke, so she’s been living around people.

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