That Was The Weekend That Was

Relatively busy weekend. I’d brought the new TV home on Friday lunchtime (a Panasonic TX-32LZD81), so we went shopping for wall mounting brackets on Saturday. Quite glad our chimney-breast was only 35″ wide; given the fun I’d had trying to fit the TV in the back of our car (without removing the ‘s seat), we’d never have been able to fit a 37″ in.

I’d been out to the Hobbit with the usual suspects on Friday night, partly to commiserate with . First time in the Hobbit for years (since the was born at least, and probably since ‘s 30th), so was shocked to find that beer now cost more than GBP3 per pint. Yowza. Ended up freezing under the awning with the smokers, so people headed off to Su’s (I assuem that she’s on LJ, but I’ve no idea of her username) at around midnight. I don’t know whether to be more impressed that she’d managed to put a wooly jumper on her cat, or that said cat seemed to like wearing the jumper. Was cold enough that even a cat would see sense, I suppose.

Woke up sans hangover, but also with a sleep deficit. Town was less hellish than last time; had the bright idea of going in at lunchtime, and the roads were noticeably less busy. Must remember that for next time. Used the remaining JL vouchers on a bracket, and pencilled in Sunday morning to fit it.

had booked tickets to see The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain in Chichester on Saturday night, but we’d managed to screw up our babysitting arrangements. Fortunately one of the people from the babysitting group helped us out, and we managed to get on the road by 1850 (for a 1930 performance). Arrived slightly late, naturally, so stood at the back for the first half. I’m kicking myself for not noting down the setlist; highlights included Misirlou (Dick Dale-accented, but neither surf rock nor klezmer), Pinball Wizard (sung madrigal-style), the theme from Shaft (with lyrics about Cecil Sharp, English folksong collector extraordinaire) and Leaning on a Lamppost (Cossack-style). All jolly good.

Fitted the bracket on Sunday (with a few interruptions). For some reason, the mounting holes on the TV are offset 50mm to the right of the centre of mass, so the TV slopes to the left by about 3° from the horizontal. Irritating, but little I can do about it. The bracket was also fun to fit. When we move, I’m not going to try and unscrew the mounting bolts; it’ll be easier to take an anglegrinder to the heads.

Finally, made a flying visit to see baby Edgar (child of my colleague Mark and his wife Paula). Lovely little scrap, and the behaved admirably and was extremely gentle. Bodes well for when we eventually produce number two.

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