Dial ‘P’ for Pornography

I’m currently lying roughly here. The views from my hotel room this morning were this:

…and this:

The views this evening were this:

…and this:

, the and I are in Bled; I’m here for an EU project workshop next week, so we’ve decided to take a short break. We’d never been to Slovenia before (indeed, this is only our second trip to the Balkans, the previous being Sofia the year before last), and we’re rather liking what we’ve seen so far. More detailed writeup to come at a later date.

A word of explanation for the title: the continues to be fascinated by television remote controls, but he’s managed to outdo himself this trip by managing to select the hard-core porn channel (in a moment of weakness, we’d let him play with the Device of Power). I don’t know whether to be impressed or appalled…

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