The won’t be eating eggs in future…

Well, today has been exciting, and not in a good way.

Since the turned six months old last week (and if truth be told, for a couple of weeks before that) we’ve been introducing him to solid foods. We’re going down the baby-led weaning route, mainly because it seems to be more fun for him. So far he’s eaten: carrots, broccoli, parsnips (roast and boiled), potatoes (roast and boiled), spinach, asparagus, green beans, avocado, pear, nectarine, banana, strawberries, chicken and haddock. He’s enjoyed some of them (pear in particular, also broccoli, strawberries and asparagus), and hasn’t been too impressed with others (boiled potatoes, haddock, banana, avocado).

This morning, we gave him some well-cooked scrambled eggs (containing eggs alone – no butter, salt or pepper) for breakfast. He seemed unimpressed by the texture in his fist, and didn’t seem to like the taste (but also didn’t seem to be getting any of it into him). I gave him a little on the spoon, which he spat out, so we decided to call it a day. He then gave the remaining egg a good mash with his fists before rubbing his eyes (before I could stop him – he’s managed to give himself conjunctivitis in the last week by rubbing his eyes when he’s had a heavy cold).

So, wiped off the unimpressed baby with a tea towel and took him down to the sofa while finished her breakfast at her leisure…and noticed that his face and arms had come up in a nettle-like rash, basically everywhere that the egg had touched.

Phoned the out-of-hours GP, who told us to take him to A&E (parts of his lips started going blue while we were on the phone). Got to A&E at 1130 (he’d had the egg at 1100), was triaged as ‘urgent’ by 1145…and waited another two and a half hours before he got seen by either a doctor or another nurse (by this time, the initial hives had subsided, and he was onto a second wave of puffiness and splotches).

We now have a bottle of Piriton, instructions to see our GP for referral to the allergy unit, and to avoid egg in future.

Therefore, we will now not be feeding the the following foods: egg custard, french toast, creme brulee, boiled eggs and toast soldiers, egg pasta, spaghetti carbonara, scotch eggs, eggs benedict, eggs florentine, mayonnaise, christmas pudding, victoria sponge and a myriad of other foods.

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