A Curate’s Egg

Not the best of weekends, or at least one with an inauspicious start. Met up with for an after-work drink on Friday. As we left, complained of feeling queasy. Soon after we got home, this progressed to full-on vomiting. Not good. Did my best to look after her and clear up. Poor night’s sleep, thanks to the being restless and wanting four or five feeds (we’ve been led to believe that he’ll get better – we wish he’d hurry up and do so).

was feeling a fair bit better the next morning, if not completely Well. She went off to work (Saturday duty in the Library), leaving me as the baby-wrangler for the morning and awaiting the Boy Laurence WINOLJ who was due to turn up around midday. At this point, I started feeling really grotty – nauseous, gippy bowels, fever. Spent most of Saturday in a daze (at one point, measured my temperature at somewhere above 39C) and feeling quite wretched. Started feeling a bit better by teatime and managed to get some food into me. Missed ‘s barbecue, alas.

Today much better. Did a few little jobs around the house – put iron-holder on utility room wall, changed glass in picture frame, vacuumed downstairs, sealed clothes in vacuum bags and made an attempt to declutter the library. The Boy Laurence and cooked dinner, and then I drove him to the station. Feel like I should have done more, though.


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