A checklist

  • Restlessness, irritability and disturbed sleep patterns? Check.
  • Sore, red gums? Not clear.
  • Flushed cheeks? Check.
  • Loss of appetite? If by that you mean lots of little feeds rather than substantial big feeds, then yes.
  • A slight rise in temperature (but not above 39°C, which indicates a fever)? Check.
  • Dribbling (which may cause a rash or sore, chapped skin on the chin)? Check.
  • A sudden desire to chew anything they can lay their hands on? Check.
  • An urge to bite? Judging by the gum marks on ‘s arm this morning, yes.

Either the is turning into a vampire, or he’s starting to teethe. He’s not shown any sensitivity to either garlic or sunlight, so I assume that the latter is more likely to be the case.


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