Felt too full of the cold last night to go to ‘s party, so woke up this morning feeling full of beans after a night on the sofa. We had our windows replaced last week, which has left us with a bit of a problem. The existing aerial cable ran down the roof, through the gutter, and in through the window frame, so the installers had understandably cut it. I’d already installed a new cable that ran down from the loft (installed before our bedroom was replastered the year before last) and had bought a new aerial, but hadn’t got as far as connecting them up. Since then, we’ve had the loft converted, so the access to the head of the replacement aerial cable is rather more awkward.

Therefore, I’ve spent the day crawling through dirty spaces between the eaves and the edges of the loft room, where the loft people had helpfully dumped all the old boards. I’ve fitted the new aerial in the loft by the water tanks (outside the loft room), run the cable through and connected it all up. I also fitted in a trip to Maplin for an aerial amplifier (unneeded, as it turns out – the signal from Rowforth is quite strong enough), some low attenuation cable to fit between the aerial and the amplifier, and a smart SCART switch so that I can leave the PS2 plugged in without needing to keep swapping SCART plugs on the back of the TV.

What I haven’t yet done is neatly finish off the bottom of the aerial cable in a wall-mounted socket, but that can wait for another day – I’m happy with what I’ve done.

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