A Grand-ish Day Out

Off up to town with and the yesterday to see the Holbein exhibition at Tate Britain before it finishes, but not our most successful day out. Slept poorly the night before, and had a headache for most of the day that left me feeling grouchy and tearful by turns. Finally got out of the house after noon, thanks to a combination of arguments about pannetone (don’t ask) and last minute feeds.

Got to the Tate at 3pm, only to find that they were selling tickets for entrance at 5pm by that point, so decided to book online and come back on Sunday. Saw some other bits of the permanent exhibition, including Too Much Turner in the Clore. Introduced the to his first Mondrian, which he found fascinating (we’d already found that he likes Bridget Riley, and the Deluxe mode in ‘s xscreensaver). Walked from Pimlico to Villiers Street to meet , which was lovely. The seems to be building up a fanclub.

And now the not-so-great bit. Went to the Melton Mowbray for the London Circle, to see the Usual Suspects and also to point at London fandom and tell the that one day all of this would be his, so he’d better start thinking of a title for his fanzine.

…and we got thrown out because their license doesn’t allow children in the pub. I didn’t see a sign on the outside of the pub prohibiting under-18s, and the 2003 Licensing Act makes no provision for barring children from pubs. It does have a number of other sensible provisions concerning children and alcohol, none of which apply to the since, at exactly four weeks old, he never buys his own drinks let alone those for others, and sticks to milk anyhow. The duty manager in the pub (not the licensee) wasn’t able to show me the specific conditions of their license that prohibited children from entering the pub.

Therefore, I shall this morning be phoning Trading Standards at the City of London and asking them if the premises license for the Melton Mowbray stipulates no children. If it doesn’t, I’ll be formally lodging a complaint with Fuller’s, and if it does, I’ll be complaining to Trading Standards because the Melton Mowbray weren’t able to show me the license copy or summary that they should have had on prominent display.


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