If you have a friend on who you think you can rely, you are a lucky man

I have a favour to ask of LJ friends…

One of my long-standing filmic gripes is that so few of Lindsay Anderson’s films are available. Britannia Hospital is available on DVD, as is This Sporting Life. Neither If…. nor O Lucky Man! are available on DVD; both have been on video, but even those are now out of print.

It turns out that Sky are running a ‘Not Available In The Shops’ season on Sky Cinema 1, and that they’re showing O Lucky Man! at 10pm on Thursday 30th November. Would one of you lovely, lovely people on LJ with satellite TV be able to record it for me in exchange for a redeemable favour? The film’s three hours long, so you should just be able to fit it on an E-180 tape (alternatively, if you’re able to burn it to a DVD, that would be preferable to video tape).

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