That academic pay dispute

This morning, it was Isobel’s turn to wake up shouting at the radio. UCU have agreed to put UCEA’s offer of 13.1% to their membership (and not, as the BBC put it, agreed to the increase – learn how a democratic union operates!), so the industrial action will be suspended for the duration of the balloting procedure. I can’t say that I’m happy with this offer, and will probably vote against accepting it.

can now look slightly smug for having been able to prepare for her marking. My role in assessment this year has been mainly limited to third year project vivas (which were all rescheduled for tomorrow and Friday, so I’ll now be taking part), fourth year research project reports (with a marking deadline of next week) and my half of the second year databases course (for which I’ve yet to receive the scripts). I predict a very busy few days.

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