“Wizard freaks invade Reading University” part 2

I was wondering who were the authors of the two papers named in the Grauniad hatchet job. Beings and the Beast: Free Will, Destiny, Contagion for Animagi and Werewolves was by a Canadian medievalist, while The Rule of Law or the Crumpled Horned Snorkack? (or to give it its correct title, Which beast is more fantastic: the rule of law or the crumpled horned snorkack?) was by . I can’t speak for the former, but I’ve read a fair bit of what AJ Hall has written, and I don’t think that I’d dare refer to her as “pseudo-intellectual”.

I’d comment on the fact that the author managed to misquote the titles of both papers, but I guess that could have conceivably happened elsewhere in the editorial process…

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