I suppose that it’s all my own fault, really. In October, I wrote that I’d done a piece for a promotional DVD at work and had managed to work the word ‘flange’ into my contribution for a bet. Before you ask, it is perfectly possible to use ‘flange’ in a non-obscene manner when describing the Semantic Web. As it happened, this ended up making it through to the final cut for the DVD. It’s not too bad, though I still hate the sound of my own voice. Oh, the irony.

A couple of weeks ago, the social secretary for my research group (a charming Canadian postgrad called Maria) organised a talent night. I didn’t perform, mainly because I can’t sing, can’t play an instrument and couldn’t persuade Dr Nick (of totl.net fame) to join me in a Ginsberg-esque partnership reading bad Perl beatnik poetry, provisionally called Beat-Nicks. Alas. I’ve been trying to persuade him since Sonic Underground 3 with no luck.

One thing I was looking forward to was Six Foot Underground, and ‘s band. They’d not played in a few years, and I fully expected that their set would be as memorable as any of their previous gigs. had given me a brief hint as to what their set would contain when he asked me if I minded being sampled. Can you guess what the sample was? Oh, go on…

To cut a long story short, posted a video of their set (84Mb), and I’m now thoroughly sick of the sound of my own voice, especially when hearing myself say ‘flange’ as alien squirrels are pummelled with a frying pan.

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