House update

Found another plasterer to fix up the bedroom wall – seems like a reasonable chap, especially compared to the last one. He’s given us a lower quote, included VAT in the quote, doesn’t require payment in cash or an advance payment for materials, is in some demand (has a full order book until the end of April) and most importantly is a vintage motorcycle enthusiast (he phoned to say he’d be slightly late when coming round to give us a quote becuase he was expecting a delivery, namely a restored 1957 Triumph Bonneville).

One thing he has asked is that we clear the existing plaster from the wall, so I spent all yesterday with a bolster chisel and club hammer (I <heart> my toolbox) and getting clarried in plaster dust from head to toe. Lovely. All I need to do now is vacuum the huge amounts of dust that fell through the gap between the floorboards and the wall, since there’s about 4cm of crud down there now.

Next weekend’s jobs will be removing the skirting from the library, cutting replacement floorboards for those that are damaged, and running a conduit for coax down the bedroom wall prior to the wall being plastered. We’ve now got all the hardboard from Wickes, we should be able to start the preparations for the parquet in the library in the next fortnight.

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