Caution: put brain in gear before engaging pen

My exam questions came back from the internal panel this morning, and go off to the external examiner at the end of the day. Today I learned that the internal assessment process for exam papers doesn’t actually work that well. The panel had picked me up on a minor ambiguity in a question. Ironically, this was a question that I had largely lifted from a previous paper and then changed extensively. The text they didn’t like was about the only bit that I hadn’t rewritten.

However, they missed the fact that the example program fragment in the same question was now complete bollocks (this is a technical term) due to my muddle-brained retyping. Ironically, this was the only bit of the original question that I hadn’t intended to change at all.

In summary, I’d just like to say that our exam secretaries are bloody marvellous.

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