Nose to the grindstone

Very busy week this week. Today, I gave a presentation on ontologies for medical informatics to an interdisciplinary university group on stroke management, including giving someone else’s slides because he had to dash off back to the university (this was at a hotel in town) to give a lecture.

Tomorrow, I have my first lectures for a course that I’m directly responsible for (as opposed to lectures I’m covering for colleagues) from 1000 until 1130. From 1250 until 1330, I’m giving a seminar to the Learning Technologies Group, then I’m jumping in a car and going to Swindon where I’m co-presenting the final report on some work that we’ve done for EPSRC. I’ve prepared the slides for the EPSRC talk (the important one), am currently throwing together the LTG talk, and have yet to start on the lectures.

On Thursday, I’ve got more UCAS interviews to take up my lunch hour, but they’re easy enough to be considered light relief.

I dread to think what Friday may bring.

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