State of the Office

Plant sale in the union today, so my office is now marginally more friendly with a pair of boston ferns and a pair of ivys. Unfortunately, they may not be with me that long; the ferns look a bit potbound, so repotting them is a matter of urgency, and the ivys are more battered than they seemed when I bought them (some runners are damaged to the point where I’ll just have to resign myself to six inches of die-off). I’ve also learned an important lesson about the office which (due to the lack of opening windows) wasn’t an issue in the lab. When the office door and the window are open at the same time, and there’s an easterly breeze, my umbrella plant can be blown up to two metres across the office, spraying soil as it goes. Oops. And there was I thinking that, after the indignities of being underwatered, overwatered, potbound, starved and knocked off my old windowsill every time the people in the next bay wanted to raise or lower the window blinds, the move to an office of its own was going to be a quiet one.

I’ve also got my timetable for the semester. That is to say, I’ve picked up the copies that were provided for the undergraduates since the online timetable system still isn’t working. Bunchamuppets. Could have been worse – I’m down for Tuesday 9am and Wednesay 10am.

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