Pub redux

At the Jorene Celeste last night (which appears to have a picture of Boy George on its sign, if I’m not much mistaken), for pubbage with the glamourous , and friends. Finally able to put voices to people whose journals I’ve been reading but hadn’t yet met, faces to people who know people that I know (, f’rinstance), and be reminded of the fact that I’d actually met several of the people around the table before, but had forgotten because a) it was a long time ago and b) I was three sheets to the wind at the time. Consumed too much of the IPA, but don’t remember ranting (much) at anyone, which is a Good Thing.

Got back some time after 1.30am to find Dr. Nick the housemate still pottering around, as is his way. Have hangover this morning, and forgot to pop into the corner shop for IRN BRU on the way into work. Bleh.

All beer and no sleep makes Nick a dull-headed boy.
All beer and no slpee makes Nick a dull-haded boy.
All beer and on  spleep amkes Mick a dull-headed boy.

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