Back from Belgium, and also from a punting weekend in Oxford, with no major casualties, diplomatic incidents or impromptu dips in the Cherwell on my part. May well write something longer next week when I should be WORKING, but suffice it to say that Belgium was v. good, with lots of lovely people and beer, and that the weather alternated between hot and humid and thundery. Yecch. Feeding of the assembled mass of second-week Belgians was accomplished primarily by the beautiful and talented , while I lurched around in the background like an onion-chopping Igor (“How thmall should Igor chop the brainth, Mithtreth?”)

Travelled back from Belgium on the Friday, stayed overnight chez moi in Southampton (only four more nights before I move out), back to Bath for a quick wash and brush-up and to collect the boy Laurence, then to Oxford shortly after lunch on Saturday. Ended up walking to Parson’s Pieces to meet the fogeys (who’d manfully restrained themselves from starting on the cakes until we had arrived), and then being punted back. Watched an open air performance of Much Ado at Headington Hill Hall, kipped at Inigo and Michelle’s, then back to Bath for a nap and to watch the remaining episodes of Firefly.

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