Who loves you and who do you love?

Meme time again. The best friend meme is vaguely interesting (for someone I see once every blue moon, and I have a lot of common interests), while the unlisted interests meme is pretty useless, suggesting either overly broad categories (reading, music, books, art, movies) or things which I have absolutely no interest in (david bowie, radiohead, etc).

I mean – Radiohead! Ugh.

My Best Friend is

Our 19 common interests are:
cheapass games,
dave langford,
iain m banks,
irn bru,
mornington crescent,
nigel molesworth,
real ale,
science fiction,
single malt whisky,
socialism and
tom lehrer

Who is your best friend?


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Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual
interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested

  1. reading score: 52
  2. music score: 49
  3. writing score: 41
  4. books score: 36
  5. radiohead score: 35
  6. art score: 35
  7. neil gaiman score: 35
  8. movies score: 33
  9. photography score: 33
  10. cats score: 32
  11. sushi score: 30
  12. computers score: 30
  13. david bowie score: 29
  14. cooking score: 29
  15. sleeping score: 25
  16. monty python score: 25
  17. sex score: 25
  18. anime score: 25
  19. philosophy score: 24
  20. politics score: 24

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