Small World behaviour

Feeling a bit delicate this morning.

Escaped the workshop crowd again last night (ha ha!) and met up with for an excellent curry at Khushi’s, and thence to the Brass Monkey for many fine pints of 80/-. I’ve missed Scots beer, although I’m regretting the fourth pint (and possibly also the third) this morning.

and joined us in the pub around nine. To my eternal shame, I completely failed to recognise . In my defence, this was a radically different context to that in which I’d met her before, there being no film societies within spitting distance, and I’d never considered that she might know any of the other Edinburgh folks that I know. The hair wraps and undercut were also a change from the last time I’d seen her. Phoned on the way back to the hotel for the inevitable “you’ll never guess who I’ve just met” conversation – her response was to point out that I knew very well that was displaying goth-ish tendencies the last time we’d seen her, and so it should have been no surprise that other Edinburgh-resident goth types might know her. Well, yes, now you put it that way…

To quote Bugs Bunny: “Whatta maroon. Whattan ultra-maroon”. I’m sure that I shall learn to live with my shame.

Still, dead good to see all three of them, especially since it’s been so long. By my reckoning, I’d not seen any of them since well before 2000 ( at an SNVS in London, at the last great CPH Meet in Cambridge in September 1996, and at the York pre-Slimelight in October 1997).

Of course, opinions on these dates differ, and maintains that we’ve met since, at party at Mulberry Close in Cambridge (the goth house, not the bofh house). This sounds vaguely plausible except for the fact that I have no recollection of the party, nor of ever going to that house. I always realised that as I aged, my memory wouldn’t be quite as keen as it was when I was in my early twenties, but I never envisaged that the inevitable decline would be this swift, or this soon.

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