Making plans for Marvin

Okay folks, I have a small favour to ask. As some of you may know, I am one of the group of people who produce the Temple ov thee Lemur website. I’m a relative newcomer to the group, only getting involved in 1997 when I moved to Southampton.

The elder statesman of TotL (who’ll not be impressed with me referring to him as such) is Marvin Fenderson, who started the whole thing off when he was sharing a house with Steve (my long-suffering officemate), Chris and Al back in 1993ish. Marvin is the shy, retiring type. Not many of you have met him (he refused to go with us and hand out TotL spatulas and dominos at Linux Expo a few years ago), but he has been central to many of our best schemes over the years. For example, the Spud Server happened after he spent an entire lunchhour ranting about his laptop batteries, and the Search for Terrestrial Intelligence was our response to his addiction to daytime TV (the ingrained habits of a postgrad physicist die hard). He almost got carried away with Project EUNUCH and wanted to build the vodka-cooled system for real.

The favour I have to ask is this: this Sunday (May 23rd) is Marvin’s 35th birthday, and we’re trying to get as many people as possible to send birthday greetings to Please drop him a mail, even if you’ve never met him, or who have absolutely no idea who he is!

(I was tempted to make this post friends-only, but I know that Marvin doesn’t read LJ, and flatly refuses to get an account on the grounds that the contents of his journal would be mostly made up!)

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