Protein from the Sea – Lite!

So I took a break from housework to watch the last half of Logan’s Run, a film which I’ll freely admit is corny, but of which I am fond. I turned on just in time to catch the plastic-surgery-gone-wrong scene, and sat there awaiting the naked-Jenny-Agutter scene (quite fond). Michael York and Jenny Agutter, supposedly dripping wet, enter the ice caves of Box and find a pile of furs. Cue Michael York saying “Let’s take our clothes off” … and we cut to an ad break. Three minutes of sitting there aghast, and the ad break comes to an end to reveal, well, nothing being revealed. The scene was cut.

The ever sensible pointed out that it was being screened at 5pm on a Saturday, and that there might be impressionable young minds watching. Well, that’s the point! How else are they going to get impressioned into a true appreciation of cheesy 1970s science fiction cinema?

Pah. I shall just have to go and rent Equus to make up for it.

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