A Letter from Baghdad, part two

For those who haven’t seen, Salam Pax is alive and well and writing his blog again. Good to see a local viewpoint on the rebuilding of Iraq, although it is more than a little strange to see him describing aspects of the situation in Baghdad as Gibsonesque (see excerpt below) at the same time that Gibson is linking to Salam Pax’s blog from his own blog.

The streets markets look like something out of a William Gibson novel. Heaps of cheap RAM (stolen of course) is being sold beside broken monitors beside falafel stands and weapons are all available. Fights break out justlikethat and knives come out from nowhere, knives just bought 5 minutes ago. There are army sighting thingys, Weird looking things with lenses. And people selling you computer cases who tell you these are electric warmers, never having seen a computer case before. Really truly surreal. Software CDs, Movie CDs and cheap porn.

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