X marks the spot

Went geocaching with the usual suspects yesterday evening – a first for all of us, so we went for an easy cache that was within walking distance. Of course, we would have found it much faster had Chris a) entered the correct cache coordinates, b) entered the coordinates correctly (he mistook degrees and decimal minutes for degrees, minutes and seconds), c) set the GPS to the correct datum and d) not bounded off towards the nearest suspicious-looking thicket like an over-enthusiatic labrador. On the other hand, chasing after Chris (who was holding the GPS) was probably good exercise, even if a labrador would have come to heel more readily. We left a green and silver plaster whelk containing a dollar bill and some batteries, and took the small toy car. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of this spring’s heavy frosts, so the batteries should be okay.

As soon as I can, I’m going to borrow Steve’s GPS so that and I can try and locate some of the Bath caches – we could do the one by the Royal Crescent without any problems, we already know where this one is, and the one at Sham Castle is less than ten minutes walk from the house.

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