Wedding Stress, Part 583 of many

I thought we’d had all the stress we were going to have about the wedding: histrionic relatives, cloth samples going astray, delays in clothes-making, cost overruns for drink, but…

We just got confirmation from the council for our hire of the Guildhall on the 29th (for the reception) and the Assembly Rooms on the 28th (for the wedding itself).

Several panicked phonecalls on ‘ part later, it turns out that the room hire department of the council had got it wrong, but that the Assembly Rooms had noticed the error, queried it, and had it corected. Not that anyone told us.

Time to get back to the sewing (four usher waistcoats completed bar buttonholes, my waistcoat waiting to be sewn and my cravat yet to be started, not to mention other jobs like sewing buttonholes on Isobel’s underskirt) and to let my heartrate drop down to three figures again.

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