WebOnt f2f4 redux

Back into the swing of things after the WebOnt meeting at HP Labs in Bristol earlier this week. Very productive meeting, topped off by the mass closing of a number of outstanding open issues.

The downside to this was that the OWL tutorial slides that I had written last week for today’s AKT seminar needed a swift rewrite to take into account the changes to the language that had been agreed yesterday.

The seminar was a qualified success. It seems to have generated a fair bit of interest in the local project and I managed to successfully get across the basics of OWL, but it would have been better had I been told that my hour and a half slot had been rescheduled and cut to less than an hour at the weekly meeting on Monday (which I of course missed, being in Bristol). Hey ho – at least there was some good discussion during and following the meeting. I’ll mail round the slides to the participants and let that be the end of it.

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