rassenfrassen mozilladeveloperen!

It appears that Mozilla now includes support for the accursed <marquee> tag of IE infamy – I was looking at pir‘s homepage and suddenly realised that the damned thing was scrolling at me.

The relevant bugzilla entries for those who want to see the whole argument are 156979, 159839, 161049 and 163048. Bit of a poor show all round. On the other hand, it is easy enough to turn off, but Moz should really ship with such non-standard extensions turned off by default, and turned back on where and when redistributors (eg. Netscape) require it.

Instructions for turning it off are simple – insert the following line into the chrome/userContent.css file in your Mozilla user preferences directory:

marquee { -moz-binding: none ! important; }

In other news, had a dead relaxing canal boating holiday since my last posting. Wedding plans and work on Mozilla-based annotation clients are both ongoing.

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