So, I finally gave in and succumbed to to the LiveJournal behemoth (thanks in no small part due to the inestimable h-l). I probably won’t update this with any great regularity, since I’m mostly here because I have a vague research interest in the design of more semantically rich weblogs.

I’ve been working on a Semantic Web-based annotation client built into Mozilla for a while (nicknamed ‘Annonto’ until I think of something better, or publish), the purpose of which is to associate text strings found in web pages (eg. “Nick Gibbins”) with the entities from an RDF datasource to which the strings refer. Finally managed to get my head around some of the more awkward (and under-documented) aspects of XUL to produce a user interface for the application which talks to a knowledge base to build various controls. Plenty more to be done though, some server-side, but mostly high visibility client-side bits.

All things considered, not a bad day’s work.

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