Brunch report

Another Sunday brunch today, this time for my PhD (and EngD) students. It was great to finally get them all over, although I note that they’re a far more abstemious bunch than the usual suspects – we practically had to beg them to drink the margaritas I had on ice! Menu was as follows (mostly for my benefit): Fruit platter – pineapple and papaya, dressed with lime and cayenne Huevos revueltos with chorizo Guacamole Frijoles Salsa Pica de Gallo (sour cream, crumbled Wensleydale, spring onions) Tortillas and bread rolls (the latter for molletes) Sopapillos (or bunuelos – I can’t work… Read More »Brunch report

What I did on my birthday

So, time’s winged chariot duly rumbled past last Wednesday and added another year to my age, putting me indisputably past the halfway mark of my three score and ten. and I took the day off, having left the in the nursery, and we went out! And saw a film! In a cinema! Without the ! Like real people! We ended up going to the Harbour Lights to see Quantum of Solace, mainly because it meant we’d have a fighting chance of staying awake; the had been pretty unsettled the night before, so we were in need of sleep. Not bad… Read More »What I did on my birthday