That academic pay dispute

This morning, it was Isobel’s turn to wake up shouting at the radio. UCU have agreed to put UCEA’s offer of 13.1% to their membership (and not, as the BBC put it, agreed to the increase – learn how a democratic union operates!), so the industrial action will be suspended for the duration of the balloting procedure. I can’t say that I’m happy with this offer, and will probably vote against accepting it. can now look slightly smug for having been able to prepare for her marking. My role in assessment this year has been mainly limited to third year… Read More »That academic pay dispute

All professors are equal, but some are more equal than others

There’s nothing quite so likely to give me indigestion at lunchtime than reading about the latest antics of certain vice chancellors in the Times Higher. Today’s edition has a beaut of a story: David VandeLinde, the VC of Warwick University (and formerly VC of Bath University, which is where I know of him from) is introducing US-style academic titles at Warwick. All 850 academic staff at Warwick University will from next year be able to call themselves “professor” following a decision to adopt the US system of academic titles. Warwick is the first UK university to break away from hundreds… Read More »All professors are equal, but some are more equal than others

Why do we bother?

It’s nice to know that your profession is held in such high esteem by the general public. The BBC has a story on the TUC’s unpaid overtime survey, and the comments on “lecturers and their thirteen week paid holidays each year” are making me depressed and furious by turns.