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Top Five British WWII films made during WWII

I’m a bit of a cineaste, albeit one that doesn’t get to see many films these days. As a child, I grew up with depictions of World War Two on television every public holiday: Easters and Christmases were filled with Where Eagles Dare, The Battle of the Bulge, A Bridge Too Far and the like. While I still have a bit of a soft spot for these, their depictions of WWII are often close to revisionist in the way that they play fast and loose with the facts. I’ve come to appreciate the very specific genre of British-made films, and… Read More »Top Five British WWII films made during WWII

Top Five Spaceplanes

Spaceplanes are another fascination of mine, possibly stemming from the first STS launch in 1981. I’ve certainly to thank my parents for a surprise trip to Stansted Airport (possibly the only time you’ll hear those words together) when Enterprise was on its promotional world tour in 1983. What makes spaceplanes quite so interesting is the number of cancelled concepts that never got off the drawing board, let alone the ground. 5. Buran

Top Five Cold War Aircraft

Now I’ve officially hit my mid-30s, I feel that I should have some sort of crisis or obsession of the High Fidelity variety. Therefore, I shall be listing my various top fives daily, at least until I get bored or forget. Without further ado: 5. BAC TSR-2